► Reflections in a Broken Stream
#0000FF Gallery presents Reflections in a Broken Stream, the humble effort of an online show to transcend the screen, a group show being emailed out to our subscribers on Christmas Day, 2013. Subscribe now through this link to receive the show + a new and exclusive animated gif(t) by Georges Jacotey.

Artists: Jeremy Bailey, Jennifer Chan, Daniel Chew, Chris Collins, Jasper Elings, Lauren Francescone, Guthrie Lonergan, Kimmo Modig, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Mitch Posada, Bunny Rogers, Saoirse Wall, Angela Washko, Warran Wright, Graham Young.

Screening: Flashings in the Mirror
Screening: Sharing a beautiful sunset

Participating artists: Eric Fleischauer, Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, Jasper Ellings, Darja Bajagić, Bea Fremderman, Jennifer Chan, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Scott Fitzpatrick, Meredith Lackey, Eric Watts, Evan Meaney, Theodore Darst, Rick Silva, Chris Collins, Alexandra Gorczynski, Bunny Rogers, Emilio Gomariz, James Lowne, Emilio Gomariz

Curated by Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva.

Location: Mana Contemporary - Dinca Vision Quest 2013
Date: November 21 at 7:00pm until November 24 at 3:00am
Adres: 2233 S. Throop Street Chicago, United States

► 22th dokumentART, European film festival for documentaries
VideoART vol. 1: The short extent of emotion
Participating artists:
Igor Bošnjak, Julia Bradshaw, Jasper Elings, Ana Husman, Nick Jordan, Kasumi, Krzysztof Maniak, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Dagmara Pochyła, Wiktor Polak, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Van Royko, Chee Wang Ng

curator: Antoni Karwowsk

Date: 18.10.2013, Friday, 19:00
Location: Kino Zamek, Korsarzy 34, Szczecin, Poland

► Tropical GIF - Summer Group Show
15/08/2013 - 15/09/2013
Domain Gallery is pleased to present Tropical GIF, a summer collective exhibition celebrating the Graphic Interchange Format organized by Manuel Fernández. For this show, every artist has been invited to select a favorite gif from their own production archive.

Participating artists:
Anthony Antonellis, Carlos Sáez, Chris Timms, Claudia Maté, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Francoise Gamma, Giselle Zatonyl, Jasper Elings, Jennifer Chan, JK Keller, Kim Asendorf, Leanne Eisen, Lorna Mills, Manuel Fernández, Paul Flannery, Rollin Leonard, V5MT, Yoshi Sodeoka.

Opening: 15 August. 20:00h.
Location: Online

► MFF2013 - The Platinum Collection
A chest of buried treasures, as we travel towards the future.
An eighteenth birthday is not a birthday to celebrate like all the others. The mind is subjected to a being bombarded with ideas on maturity, adulthood and rites of passage, the things that can be done and the things that can no longer be done. Nevertheless, the heart still looks back, to crazy adventures, puppy love, problems at school and friends.

The Milano Film Festival is also becoming an adult with its heart filled with anguish. Behind it, hundreds of young authors discovered, on whom we have placed our stakes, wagering on an edition, a screening at night, a workshop. Ahead of us, the panorama of a grey world, where they tell us that a festival is no longer a game, whilst the resources dry up, becoming more and more valuable.

 Wondering how to properly celebrate this passage to adulthood, we decided not to fall into the strap of sterile auto-celebrations, which we really do not pull off well. We began to reason. Out of the 2,300 or so short films that we assess each year, we often find “pleasant acquaintances”: directors that we have selected in the past but who for once have not found the right place in our selection, either due to reasons linked to their age which no longer makes them eligible for the competition or because of the special composition of that year. They are, to all effects, playmates, even though only for one summer, who we meet again today as authors of a proudly mature cinema… (read more)

Participating filmmakers include: Johann Lurf, Simon Ellis, Massimiliano Mazzotta, Nacho Vigalondo, Jorge Silva Melo, Paul Negoescu, Kika Nicolela, Micha Wald, Martin Jones, Ernst De Geer, Gunhild Enger, Nash Edgerton, Henry Darke, Stephen Irwin, Bræðrabylta, Grímur Hákonarson, Jesse Shamata, Brandon LaGanke, Geoffrey Cowper, Luis Nieto, Thibaut Wohlfahrt, Naren Wilks, Pippo Mezzapesa, Carl Stevenson, David Cairns, Jan Thuering, Kaisa, Stephen Irwin, Lancelot von Naso, Andrei Severny, Christoph Rainer, Urs Domingo Gnad, Igor Buharov, Belén Lemaitre, Jan Thüring, Thorsten Fleisch, Michiel van Bakel, Yassine Qnia, Virgil Widrich, Giacomo Abruzzese, Jasper Elings, Stephan Müller, Ole Giæver, Oliver Pietsch, Paul Leyton, John Hellberg, Henry Cruikshank, Rory Bresnihan, Nicolas Provost, Louis Fox, Ian W. Gouldstone, Davide Del Degan, Anthony Chen, Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Miloš Tomic, Igor and Ivan Buharov, Astutillo Smeriglia, Maci Verdesca, Maarit Suomi-Vaananen, Pekk Sassi, Charlotte Blom, Anna Melikian, Mikko Myllylahti, Francesco Villa, Victor Carrey, Fabrizio Provinciali, Juliette Hamon Damourette, Giacomo Gatti, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Blair Scott, Daniel Zimmermann, Yann Chayia, Maxime Giroux, Anna Melikian, Enrico Iannaccone, Spela Cadez, John Viener, Blandine Lenoir, Imogen Murphy, Dan Popa, Cristian Nemescu, Milos Tomic, Igor e Ivan Buharov, Royston Tan, Jake Mahaffy, Stefan Mueller, Andrey Getov, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Daniel Nocke, Zoltan Horvath, Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels, Pascal Lièvre, Patrol John Patton Ford, Matej Lavrencic, Christian Fischer, Maud Gravereaux, Marcus Young, Oleksandr Shmygun, David OReilly, Milos Tomic, Bruno Urso, Esther May Campbell, Nolwenn Lemesle, João Nicolau, Astutillo Smeriglia, Nolwenn Lemesle, Skallaman, Michal Kosakowski, Pilvi Takala, Levi Abrino, Raphaël Chevènement, Timo Katz

Screening: 'Sharing a beautiful Sunset’ & 'Flashings in the mirror’
When: 5-15 september 2013
Where: Milan, Italy

► Now wakes the sea film program @ Batumi (GE)
Satellietgroep and GeoAIR organise a three evening screening program with international films connected to the sea and coast. The program shows especially the North-Sea and Black Sea through Dutch and Georgian animations, documentaries and art films.

Film program:

8 september
- ‘Sea Horses’ (IT), Alex Healey, 4.13 min., 2008, Doc.
- ‘Sinking into the Landscape’ (NL), Francois Lombarts, 11.28 min., 2013, Exp.
- 'Sharing a beautiful Sunset’ (NL), Jasper Elings, 1.11 min., 2009, Exp.
- ‘Departure bay’ (NL), Aram Tanis/Jacolijn Verhoef, 10 min., 2011, Doc.
- ‘Ochabamba’ (GE), Zaza Jorbenadze, 73 min., 1994

9 september
- ‘Little Dubai’ (NL/GE), Astrid Bussink/Ana Tsimintia, 10 min., 2013, Doc.
- ‘Pontos - Black, Black Sea’ (GE), Nodar Begiashvili, 15 min., 2001, Anim.
- ‘Sea’ (GE), Givi Aleksandria, 25 min., 1979
- ‘The Sea in me’ (TR), Yilmaz Vurucu/Bahanur Nasya, 60 min., 2012, Doc.

10 september
- ‘Lighthouse’ (FR/ES), Nathalie Fixon/Nadine O’Garra, 2.27 min., 2012, Dance film
- ‘Harvest Georgia’ (GE/HU), Odeta Catana/Ian Cook/Angelika Herta/Zhenya Zakharova, 7 min., 2011, Doc.
- ‘The Wishing Well’ (NL), Sylvie Zijlmans, 3 min., Exp.
- ‘Stiltwalkers’ (CA/NL), Sjaak Meilink, 12.27 min., 2002, Anim.
- ‘The swimming lesson’ (BE/NL), Danny de Vent 8.12 min., 2008, Anim.
- ‘Sunset’ (GE), Temur Palavandishvili, 25 min., 1970

Films screened in loop by:
Bruno van den Elshout / Matthijs Spek, Levan Kakabadze, Tamuna Karumidze, Nika Machaidze, Irakli Shonia, Maya Sumbadze

When: 8/9/10 september, around 21:00, after sunset!
Where: Café Iveria Beach / Batumi Boulevard Beach (next to Ferris Wheel), Batumi, (Georgia)

► MCA Chicago - August First Friday: Selfies
Location: MCA Chicago
Thursday August 15, 2013
220 East Chicago Avenue
United States

► Reality Check, the coming age of internet censorship
Some of my work/ *.GIFs got published in an essay: "Reality Check, the coming age of internet censorship" by Claire Ulrich (Catalogue Library/ O Fluxo.)

► New showreel coming up
Full Showreel & client list available upon request. Please enquire at: mail@jasperelings.info

► Notes on a new nature
Place, Myth and Memory
Arti et Amicitiae will host a month long the exhibition Notes on a New Nature: Place, Myth and Memory, the second curatorial iteration of a research project by Nicholas O’Brien. This expo investigates the ways in which contemporary digital artists are examining the relationship between landscape and technology. For this exhibition, O’Brien posits how these exemplary artists are engaging in an ongoing examination of the tropes and stigmas that revolve around landscape representation as posed by other, more traditional, art forms. Taking the history of cinema, landscape photography, and early modernist painting as a point of departure, these works question how expectations and clichés of landscape representation have become “natural” within visual language and culture.

Cinema, for example, has played a significant role in developing the metaphorical meaning of the American Western landscape. Similarly, early modernist painting has paved the way for abstraction to become a dominant mode for approaching the sublime. This exhibition not only considers how the aesthetic of the digital has contributed to the continuing development of these tropes, but it also – more importantly – shows how the digital can deconstruct these myths.

Although artists in this exhibition approach this challenge from a variety of different perspectives and processes, a common method revolves around investigating the difference between space and place. Space, a geographical, material, and physical embodiment of location does not inherently contain any markings of culture or history. Place, however, is specifically categorized as a location containing memory, history, and a lived-in environment.

Place is what Lucy Lippard argues is the “latitudinal and longitudinal within the map of a person’s life. It is temporal and spatial, [yet] personal and political. A layered location replete with human histories and memories, place has width as well as depth. It is about connections, what surrounds it, what formed it, what happened there, what will happen there.” In this exhibition, artists create places with this in mind. In doing so, they address how the political and personal effect the ways in which they view landscape and shape that space into a place for critical contemplation and personal expression.

Participating artists: Pauline Bastard, Jürgen Bergbauer, Brandon Jan Blommaert, Laura Brothers, Marjolijn Dijkman, Constant Dullaart, Jasper Elings, Bea Fremderman, JK Keller, Jan Robert Leegte, Sara Ludy, Mo Marrie, Jesse McLean, Sabrina Ratté, Rafaël Rozendaal, Nicolas Sassoon, Tale of Tales, John Transue, Anne de Vries

Curated by: Nicholas O’Brien
Date: sat 04-05-2013 - sun 02-06-2013 Location: Arti et Amicitiae
Adress: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

► BEST OF Fach & Asendorf Gallery
Fach & Asendorf Gallery debuted online in 2011 with these words:

The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is there and it is where you actually are. It is so huge that nobody ever could print it. It is so deep that no one ever would dive to its end. There is peace and war in it, love and hate and all between. Once you have traveled through it, you will never forget, and you will come back, asap.

Since then, Fach & Asendorf Gallery has served 24 online exhibitions of digital and net art to more than 28,000 unique visitors. To celebrate the beginning of their third season, Fach & Asendorf Gallery presents BEST OF, an enormous collection of unreleased and exclusive work by 81 artists from around the world spanning a broad range of formats including applications, videos, and animated GIFs. BEST OF is a whole week of Internet on DVD.

Participating artists: A Bill Miller, Absis Minas, Alan Butler, Alexander Peverett, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Andrew Benson, Andrew Rosinski, Aoki and Peverett, Art 404, Bea Fremderman, Brandon Blommaert, Carlos Saez, Charles Chalas, Chris Collins, Christian Petersen, Claudia Mate, Clement Valla and Kyle McDonald, Constant Dullaart, curatingyoutube.net, Daniel Leyva, Daniel Rehn, David Kraftsow, Deanna Havas, Dominik Podsiadly, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Fabien Mousse, Ferestec, Florian Kuhlmann, Francoise Gamma, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Georges Jacoty, Goto80, Grace McEvoy, Hugo Scibetta, Jacob Engblom, Jan Robert Leegte, Jasper Elings, Jerome Saint-Clair, JK Keller, Johannes P Osterhoff, Jon Satrom, Jonas Lund, Jonathan Pirnay and Jörn Röder, jonCates, Jordan Tate, Jörg Piringer, Julien A Lacroix, Lorna Mills, Małgosia Woźnica, Manuel Fernández, Mark Beasley, Mark Durkan, Martin Böttger, Matthew Williamson, Max Capacity, Michael Manning, Mitch Trale, Miyö Van Stenis, Nicholas O'Brien, Nicolas Boillot, Nicolas Sassoon, Nik Briz, Niko Princen, Paul Flannery, Philipp Teister, Rajeev Basu, Raphaël Bastide, Rick Silva, Rollin Leonard, Sara Ludy, Sarah Weis, Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso, Stefan Riebel, Sterling Crispin, Ted Davis, Theodore Darst, Travis Hallenbeck, Yoshi Sodeoka

Location: Museum of the Moving Image
Starts: Friday, February 8, 2013
36-01 35 Avenue
NY 11106
United States

► Cloaque.org's first anniversary
In order to celebrate Cloaque.org's first anniversary Claudia Maté and Carlos Sáez curated a collaborative video following the same system as they do in Cloaque.org : 5 artists were invited to create a short video of 30 sec. Again,they had total freedom to work on any concept, esthetic or texture. Acompanied with a soundtrack by Yoshi Sodeoka, the 5 videos by Chris Timms, Rollin Leonard, Jasper Elings, Anthony Antonellis and Emilio Gomariz were joined together with transitions in order to create a fluid story.

00:00 - 00:30 Chris Timms (chriscotimms.com)
00:30 - 00:42 / 01:30 - 01:37 Carlos Saez + DMNTIA (hellocarlossaez.com) + (dmntia.com)
00:42 - 00:59 Rollin Leonard (rollinleonard.com)
00:59 - 01:29 Jasper Elings (jasperelings.info)
01:37 - 02:04 Anthony Antonellis (anthonyantonellis.com)
02:04 - 03:15 Emilio Gomariz (emiliogomariz.net)
03:15 - 04:00 Claudia Mate (claudiamate.com)

Music by Yoshi Sodeoka (sodeoka.com)

Curated by cloaque.org

► Jasper Elings dans l'Oeil de Links (Canal+)
Jasper est habité par l'humour créative. Qu'il contemple un couché de soleil ou un flash dans un miroir et il ne peut en rester là. Avec lui, ces évènements on ne peut plus ordinaires revêtent immédiatement une fibre inhabituelle qui oscille entre le clin d'œil amusé et une touche de rêve. Trop fort Jasper !

► Global Space @ iMOCA, Indianapolis
Global Space opens December 7th at 6 p.m. The exhibit, which runs through January 19, brings together artists An Xiao, Man Bartlett, Clement Valla, Caleb Larsen, Lorena Turner, Aaron Koblin, and Jasper Elings. Through their work the exhibit searches for what it means to be a citizen of the world made so much smaller by our use of the Internet.

When assembling the exhibit, curator Ben Valentine asked himself how humans relate to and engage with something as ephemeral as the cloud and crowd, as distant as child labor, and the simultaneously accessible and unfathomable amount of content that is held within Google.

Elings is a Dutch animator and Internet artist. He is considered one of the new, highly inventive generation of young animators who explore new techniques and platforms for their work. Elings’ work often consists of light-hearted animations dealing with contemporary internet culture. Using the everyday and pop-culture as reference, Elings pushes the aesthetics of online space, an arena characterized by a dizzying array of content, influences, and interconnectivity.

He studied animation and film at the Art Academy AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands where he graduated in 2005. Elings lives and works in the Netherlands and his artwork has been shown on many different platforms like Tumblr, international film festivals, the New Museum, and is constantly featured prominently in Speed Shows around the world.
Location: Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
Starts: 7 December 2012, opening starts at 6 p.m.
Ends: 19 January 2013

Adres: 1043 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis 46203
United States

► Blood Becomes Water #7: CATASTROPHE
The seventh BBW topic is “Catastrophe” , related to the end of the world attended on 21st of December 2012 and contains 32 images from eight artists invited to develop visuals especially for the occasion. An A3 poster of each artist could be unfolded from the inside of the zine. A part of it makes also a special limited edition CD of Delta Love’s “Post Tempus” EP, including two recently recorded unreleased demos of the band.

A5 - 40 pages - color & b/w digital print - 160 gr 100% recycled paper - sewn bound - CD - 100 copies


Published by: Blood Becomes Water
Date published: 2012
Edition: 100

Full Moon Saloon takes place every night of full moon throughout the year 2012, each episode featuring special interventions by artists working with vision, sound, dance and printed matter

With: Bloodbecomeswater | Sandra Angela Wichmann | Rosie Eisor | Cachetejack | Jasper Elings | Raya Rayax

Location: O' - Residenze | Fotografia | Suono | Performance
Starts: 28 November 2012 | 18:30 PM
Ends: 28 November 2012 | 23:00 PM
Via Pastrengo 12

► Videoprogramma van Rogier Arents @ Wild-C
Tijdens Dutch Design Week was er op Wild-C een doorlopend filmprogramma te zien dat werd samengesteld door Rogier Arents. Naast de film ‘Territorial Pissings’ van KOP, zullen er films worden getoond van o.a. Rogier Arents, Sonia Kneepkens, Martijn Koomen, Jasper Elings, Liene Mackus en Thierry Mandon. Een selectie korte films van kunstenaars en ontwerpers met hun visie op natuur, die wordt bewerkt, bespeelt, verklaart, geregistreerd en gevisualiseerd, op ieder zijn eigen wijze.
Location: Wild-C, Strijp-S
Starts: 20 Oktober 2012
Ends: 28 Oktober 2012
Daalakkersweg 2
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

► Blood Becomes Water | Catastrophe
I was commissioned by a Bulgarian magazine called 'Blood Becomes Water' to make some artwork for their next publication. More info will follow.

The teams of ARTE Creative and SuPer Art Modern Museum combine to form a new dynamic way to exhibit new media art : a SuPer Art Modern Movement. This platform offers to expose a selection of 15 international artists whose works are a reflection of modern performance web graphic, technological, conceptual and/or social. We invite you to discover the website at the official launch of the first exhibition SPAMM ARTE 1.1 VANITY OF THE WORLD

Curated by Thomas Cheneseau and Jean Jacques Gay.

ARTISTS : Claude Closky | Maurice Benayoun | Pauline Marx | Sarah Weis & Arturo Cubacub | Jasper Elings | Harvey Moon | Grégory Chatonsky | Jeremy Bailey | Systaime | Philipp Teister | Jankenpopp | Aurélien Bambagioni | Françoise Gamma | Helen Adamidou | Anthony Antonellis

Location: PALAIS DE TOKYO for the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin / Madrid
Starts: 03 December 2012 | 19:30 PM
Ends: 03 December 2012 | 22:00 PM
13, avenue du Président Wilson

► W/--- Editions 02
Participating artists include: Charles Broskoski / Cyril Duval / Jasper Elings / Billy Rennekamp / Ryder Ripps / Damon Zucconi. Go to project

Commissioned by: w/---projects
Curated by: MacGregor Harp

Location: Eli Ping Gallery
Starts: 16 October 2012 / 6pm
Ends: 16 October 2012 / 8pm

131 Eldridge Street
New York United States

► Jasper Elings se marre devant son ordinateur
Some of my work featured on The Creators Project. Excerpt text: "Jasper Elings fait partie de ces trublions de l’informatique et plus particulièrement d’internet. Ces jeunes personnes qui, derrière leur écran, passent la journée à essayer de dénicher les anomalies du monde binaire – dans la lignée de grands enfants comme Travess Smalley. La visite de son site web dépeint un artiste aux inspirations multiples et aux idées à la fois géniales et farfelues.

L’artiste néerlandais semble s’attacher à tous les médiums : du photo-montage au .gif, de la vidéo à la collection d’images. On ne saurait déceler une quelconque cohérence entre chacun de ses travaux mais on comprend très rapidement que son cynisme et son regard ironique sur la technologie est présent dans toutes ses pièces. Si vous avez déjà participé à des expositions de web-art, vous avez sûrement déjà croisé ses œuvres, la liste interminable des groupes shows auxquels Jasper Elings fut convié se situe en bas à gauche de sa page".

The Creators project is a partnership with Intel and Vice

Published by: TheCreatorsproject
Text by: Marwann Frikach
Date published: 10 October 2012

CAFK+A Contemporary Art Forum is pleased to announce that the fourth installment of I Heart Video Art will take place at The Communitech Event Space on May 13, 2011. The program is curated by CAFKA’s Executive Director Gordon Hatt.

Meesoo Lee, Northern Lights, 2002, 5:12 min.
Simon Payne, Iris Out, 2008, 10:00 min.
Paul Wong, Last Year, 2009, 6:23 min.
Meesoo Lee, Young and Sexy (Mister Rogers), 2004, 9:11.
Simon Payne, Colour Bars, 2004, 8:00 min.
Brad Tinmouth, Flashbulb Memory, 2009, 3:40 min.
Meesoo Lee, My Oblivion, 7:03 min.
Steven Hoskins, Turbulence, 6:43 min.
Meesoo Lee, Is It Strange???, 04:53 min.
McLean Fahnestock, Grand Finale, 2011, 04:04 min.
Jasper Elings, Sharing a Beautiful Sunset, 2009, 1:00 min.
Meesoo Lee, Love, 3:23 min.
Saki Satom, Giving, 1999, 2:15 min.
Meesoo Lee, Last Year's Hopes, 2002, 6:24 min.
Johannes Zits, Turning You On, 8:00 min.
Simon Payne, New Ratio, 2007, min., 16:9 anamorphic, colour, stereo sound.
Meesoo Lee, Scott, 2002, 4:59 min.

CAFKA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of Kitchener & the Ontario Arts Council, and thanks Communitech for their support of this event.

Starts: 13 May 2011 - 7:00PM
Ends:13 May 2011 - 11:30PM

10 King Street West, Kitchener
Ontario, Canada
Admission: $25, CAFKA members and students $15. 10% off for ticket purchases for groups of four or more. Tickets are available for purchase by PayPal at CAFK+A Contemporary Art Forum, Encore Records (54 Queen Street South, Kitchener), and Bon Mot.

► JunkJet no5 - fanzine for electronics and aesthetics
Junk Jet has developed an archive impossible that ­trans­ports, in print format, net based works, or ­fragments of works showing collections, series, animations, applications, and reflecting anti-heart texts on the net and its new forms of art,design, and architecture. N°5, the net.heart issue, has transferred internet things from their digital space into a paper jet. This transportation procedure relies on documents in a similar way as the museum relies on photograph and video documenting performance arts. And Junk Jet believes that this analogue documentation is in no way inferior to pseudo-preserving techniques of data migration, emulation, or reprogramming. At the end, Junk Jet says: Transportation is not so much about the artwork as object, but rather about the indication of the subjective decision of the artist. In this sense Junk Jet is a Russian conceptualist.

With wireless contributions by: Adam Cruces, Agathe Andre, Alessandro Bava, Alexei Shulgin, Angela Genusa, Angelo Plessas, Aureliano Segundo, Asli Serbest, Aristide Antonas, Artie Vierkant, Ball-Nogues, Bärbel Jetter, Bea Fremderman, Beatriz Ramo, Ben Aqua, Ben Vickers, Billy Rennekamp, Bonno van Doorn, Brad Troemel, Bryan Boyer, Carsten Güth, Christian Oldham, Christine Nasz and Stefanie Hunold, Constant Dullaart, Dennis Knopf, Eilis Mcdonald, Fabien Mousse, Gene McHugh, Greg J. Smith, Hanne Mugaas, Jacob Engblom, Jasper Elings , JODI, Jonas Lund, Jordan Tate, Katja Novitskova, Laimonas Zakas, Lenox Twins, m-a-u-s-e-r, Marisa Olson, Michael Schoner, Mike Ruiz, Mimi Zeiger, Mona Mahall, Natalie Bookchin, Nicholas O’Brien, Nicolas Sassoon, NIEI, NLarchitects, Olia Lialina, Palace Palace, Ricardo Scofidio, Parker Ito, Patrick Cruz, Pieterjan Grandry, Raphael Bastide, Sam Hancocks, Sarah Weis, Something Fantastic, Sterling Crispin, Theo Seemann, Will Brand, Wyne Veen

Published by: Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall
Date published: 2012
Edition: 777
Available in Hardcover
Get your copy here, here or here

has been selected for IMAGEM-CONTATO (SESC Arts Showcase 2012) festival. Text from catalogue: "é um vídeo composto por imagens compartilhadas encontradas no Google, de pessoas tirando fotos com flash no espelho".

Curated by: Kika Nicolela and Gabriel Soucheyre

Starts: 19 July 2012
Ends: 29 July 2012
São Paulo

►Attending - Third Salon
Participating artists include: Christin Berg / Emilio Gomariz / El Parche / / Jordan Levine / Kate Steciw / Massimiliano Bomba / Peggy Pehl.

Location: Essential Existence Gallery
Galerie für Interaktive Kunst und Neue Medien
Starts: 01 September 2011
Ends: 20 September 2011
Gebäude Karl-Heine-Straße 93

Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy is a series of screenings, presenting a selection of video and screen based artworks which will be shown in the public context of Monster Truck Gallery's NightScreen in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Featuring over 30 artists and content creators from around the world, Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy consists of four one-week programs, each dealing with a separate thematic exploring different territories within online culture.

Artists include: Alicia7777777, Kim Asendorf, Øyvind Aspen, Michael Bell-Smith, Jacob Ciocci, Chris Collins, Chris Coy, Adam Cruces, Stephanie Davidson, Jasper Elings, Dylan Fisher, Paul Flannery, Scott Gelber, Emilio Gomariz, Cameron Gray, Joe Hamilton, Parker Ito, Jeremiah Johnson, JK Keller, Martin Kohout, Guthrie Lonergan, Darri Lorenzen, Michael Manning, MinecraftFTW, Benjamin Nuel, David O'Reilly, Peter Rand, Chris Timms, Anne de Vries.

Text by: Standardfeatures

Location: Monstertruck Gallery
Contemporary art gallery space
Starts: 23 February 2012
Ends: 23 March 2012
4 Temple Bar

► Net Work I.R.L. (in this room)
is one of those computer words commonly used but rarely spoken. If I assume a general user, I opt for the more popular hard “G” /gif/ instead of the original /dʒɪf/ as in “gym”. To a hard G’s defense the G does stand for “Graphics”. However, the acronym’s own inventors have always emphatically stressed that it should sound like “Jif” the peanut butter. So “Jif” it is when I’m being choosy. Even then I tentatively amend that under my breath with a hard “G” to play things safe. I know this is internet nerd esoterica, but it underscores my point: that the word’s phonetic oscillations nicely evoke its temporal, oft-animated situation across multiple states. Visually and semantically, the back on itself and the speaker like an unsure ouroboros forever updating its own tail.

Participating Artists: Helen Adamidou
, Anthony Antonellis, 
Jeff Baij, 
Chris Coy, 
Jasper Elings, 
Lois Hopwood, 
Jordan Levine, 
Guthrie Lonergan, 
Erik Peterson, 
david SZAKALY, 
, Kathleen Stevenson and 
Joshua Caleb Weibley

Text by: Chris Coy

Organized by Donnie Cervantes

Location: Station Gallery
USC Roski School of Fine Arts
Starts: 30 January 2012
Ends: 05 February 2012
3001 S. Flower Street
Los Angeles
United States

Under the artistic direction of Philippe Franck, and Valerie Cordy an artist associated with this fourth edition, "Les Transnumériques" constitute a unifying platform for digital cultures in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and exposes one hundred projects in a hybrid approach to both prospective and friendly: installations, , performances AV, exhibitions, projections, talks/meetings, workshops and many more.

At Galeries Expo (new exhibition space for media arts and new images), for its first exhibition, Les Transnumériques has invited SPAMM (SuPer Art Modern Museum) recently launched by Thomas Cheneseau and Michaël Borras. This new virtual museum 2.0 invites you to discover 30 international digital artists.

Selected by: Thomas Cheneseau
Text by: SPAMM

Featuring work from the following artists: Palle Torson / Yann Weissgerber / Jankenpopp / Jon satrom / Rosa Menkman / Eva and Franco Mattes / Miyö Van Stenis / Jennifer Chan / Evan Roth / Daniel R Leyva / Constant Dullaart / Adam Cruces / Daniel Swan / Jonathan keller keller / Travess Smalley / Sarah Weis and Arturo Cubacub / Rick Silva / Rene Abythe / Max Capacity / Emilie Gervais / Jasper Elings / Emilio Gomariz / Martin Cole / Anthony Antonellis / Samantha Harvey / Chris Collins / Lorna Mills / Sara Ludy / Françoise Gamma / Annie Abrahams

Starts: 02 May 2012
Ends: 20 May 2011
17 rue de la Trouille

has been nominated for the international Short Film Competition 2011. "In 2076 the work of Elings, a Dutch, will be a brilliant, Warholian and super-short testament of the golden age 2.0. In 2010 we showed the 2000 postcards of sunsets of (duration: 2 minutes). For 2011 time is even more restricted: 60 seconds of a social network classic - the self-timer on mirror lock-up with an incorporated dazzling flash. Definitely has to be posted on VM sites.

studied animation and film at the Art Academy AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands. He graduated in the year 2005, and is one of the new, highly inventive generation of young animators. He lives and works in the Hague, the Netherlands. His short films are distributed by De Filmbank, and have been screened at various festivals internationally". (Text catalogue)

Starts: 09 September 2011
Ends: 19 September 2011

#1: – new sculptures of the digital avant-garde. Visual arts have entered a new era. It’s a place where immediacy rules, where visual arts becomes virtual«, promises the Super Art Modern Museum, or SPAMM for short. Michaël Borras aka Systaime and Thomas Cheneseau founded the online museum in France, albeit that geographical information is practically irrelevant in the internet era. Borras and Cheneseau present more than 50 works from the `community´, another concept that does not follow geographical frontiers. Eight of these works can now be seen at CERMÂ in two parts. The new`Digital Art Avant-garde´ discovers each other, receives and produces, communicates and grows. This is a scene that is not accessible to everyone, nevertheless extremely productive. All over the world, new artistic positions arise that evade the ›White Cube‹: animated GIFs, Glitches, web based conceptual art, three-dimensional animations. Institutions have grown around digital art, real and virtual spaces such as the Rhizome at the New Museum in New York, the MACBA in Barcelona and the Berlin based Transmediale give these positions a stage and an audience. Pixels are the material artists use to paint and shape, realizing their aesthetic visions. But can we herald the beginning of a new era, or is this just a handful of nerds who place some virtual artefacts here and there on the web? It seems quite apropos to use a commonplace cliché: one imagines pale, socially awkward creatures suffering from a lack of sunlight who sit in a darkened basement staring at brightly illuminated screens, typing furiously and moving pixels. The reason why digital art has not yet found its way into lounges, the ›white cubes‹, the living rooms of the postmodern society, may partially be explained with this stereotype. However, there is nothing wrong with being seen as a nerd. This stereotype allows young artists to experiment and can also become the material for humorous self-reflection. Jeremy Bailey, who was part of the previous CERMÂ exhibition, likes to poke fun at the typical nerd and the whole spectrum of media art. He creates pixel sculptures, which he integrates in video clips as overlays to his body and comments ironically. A guest exhibition curated by SPAMM displays tendencies within the current digital art. Four artists work in the first part of the two-part exhibition in SPAMM’s virtual project room. They all create and sculptures for a virtual space.

Text: Sabine Weier

Featuring work by: Emilio Gomariz, Michael Manning, Jasper Elings and Anthony Antonellis

Starts: 27 July 2012
Ends: 01 October 2012
Exhibition location: online only

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